May Feature Release

Since AppDoctor's public release in February, we have collected a lot of user feedback on what people love and what people hate about the platform. We are starting our monthly release schedule for features we hope will alleviate user frustration.

Since AppDoctor's release, we have only had a couple of minor bugs to patch in so it gives us time to tackle features going forward.

AutoComplete Variables

Previously users had to remember their variable names and make sure to spell them correctly in AppDoctor tests.

We saw many points of frustration and as using variables is usually required for any good test this was the top priority for us.

Now at any point, if your in a field that allows variables and you start typing on you will be shown all your variables up to that point that you can use!

No AutoComplete
New AutoComplete

Setting Variables UI rework

One of the biggest frustrations users ran into was needing to know the custom syntax for how to pull something out of the data and into a variable to be used later in the test.

We realize that the UI should be intuitive enough that you don't have to do to the documentation to figure something out so we did a rework of this component in every test step.

Old way of setting variables
New way of setting variables

More test step details

Another frustration that was voiced is how a user has to click into each step to see the details they want. Rather than know what request was, for example, the login route they would need to click and find it because this view was lacking key details.

This is something that was in our backlog but after hearing feedback from multiple people we realized this needed to go into our first feature release.

Old generic detail for each step
New step detail at test execution and test detail view

Templating in the base of URLs

Finally, you can now use variables from your Default Variables in the base portion of your URL.

Previously you were only able to template in the path of a URL.

This is useful because it allows you to set variables for a thing like subdomain or even the whole base URL so that you do not have to retype it every test step.

One thing to note is that it only allows variables from Default Variables block to be used in the base(while you can use any variable in the path). This is because we make sure all URLs are resolvable at the time of creation and need to know the variables at creation time in order to do that.

Going Forward

We have a whole backlog of exciting features that will be worked on in the coming months.

Thinks like:

  • Swagger test imports.
  • Better test execution searching.
  • Custom CName for StatusPages.

As always if you have anything you would like the see in our backlog reach out via the support link inside AppDoctor!

Till next time. ✌️