August Feature Release

AppDoctor has been processing over 1 million requests a month with zero downtime. We try to celebrate our wins just as much as we focus on our faults.


We have constantly received feedback that our onboarding is lacking. We have attempted to resolve this non-programmatically in the past by directly reaching out to each new user. While that was helpful there was lag time between your first time logging in and receiving information about what you can do with AppDoctor.

To first-time users, AppDoctor can come off as both confusing and complex. This includes AppDoctor specific terms and usage. Data suggests that this is frustrating to new users and causes a lot of first login bounce. You are dropped into this space where there are no bumpers or guard rails to help you out.

We began experimenting with how we best wanted to start smoothing out our onboarding and determined the first thing we wanted to add is in-app tutorials.

Desktop in app tutorial
mobile in app tutorial

We have covered all important AppDoctor pages with a in-app tutorial for first-time users. This needed to work on both desktop and mobile. We hope that this will help first-time users and also spark curiosity with all the things you can do with AppDoctor.

With all the work we have done the past couple months on stability and usability we can finally get back to feature development!

We are looking into adding the following things in the coming month:

  • Slack integration
  • Importing test requests based on swagger
  • Testing agent for private server enviroments.
  • Custom cname for status pages.

As always we will post more info here as soon as we have it.

Till next time. ✌️