AppDoctor Account Management

AppDoctor is a enterprise SaaS application and as such provides enterprise account management.

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With AppDoctor you are able to to set up team permissions down to a specific bin. By allowing this amount of control you can safely invite temporary employees and give them permissions to exactly and only what they need.

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As with most applications you can change your credit card information and upgrade / downgrade your plan at any point during use of the application.

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You can view subscription information and macro details about your account in the account management portion of the application.

AppDoctor Account Management allows you to do everything you would expect in a enterprise. This includes:

  • Viewing invoices
  • Change payment information
  • Upgrade/Downgrade plans
  • Create and Upgrade teams
  • Accept/Deny team invites
  • View Subscription information for that current month
  • Support section
  • Terms of Services

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